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In this 2019 we present TATUAJE a song that we have composed with Antonio Orozco and in which we are more than ever on the edge between the sound "Electro-ChillOut" and Flamenco.


In this song that speaks positively about never closing the door to love, we have the collaboration of Iskhariot, a Barcelona rapper who sticks his urban poetry between the verses of the song like the ink between the needle and the skin.


In this work we continue with the fussion of Carme & Juan Carlos and the Spanish guitar José Andrés "Culebra" that, following the production of P. "Captain" Gómez, evolve the sound of our previous work toword a more conceptual style.


2018 What a great year!

In this 2018 that has ended we have had the opportunity to perform in auditoriums, private parties and local parties.

They have been some magical performances in magical places. Thank you to all of you!!


Let's make sure that 2019 is the same or even better. See you soon!

MNSJS > ChillOut- Flamenco - New edition´18

In this 2018 SicomorO we have reedited our album "CUENTAME" by BELIEVE Records with a new design and in different formats: Double CD and separate editions too: "Sentimiento de Luna" and "MNSJS".

“MNSJS” becomes the most representative CD of CHILLOUT FLAMENCO in our country with an unique and innovative sound. This new work captures perfectly the essence of our live show.


The show "Love is in the Air" returns to a theater in Barcelona. On Friday, October 27, we perform at the charismatic "Cal Ninyo" theater in Sant Boi - Barcelona. In this return to a theater, we further enhance the electronics in video art and dance.

It's going to be a very special night! Come!


This April has been presented "Love is in the Air 2017" at the Auditorium “Grauvilardell” of Barcelona and we have very good sensations about it. The new choreographies of Érica with a little bite more flamenco base in the contemporary style, the Spanish guitars of Victor and Cristian that along with the percussion of P. Escudero formed a base so that the chillout keyboard of "Captain" Pedrete made the perfect harmony to the voices of Juan Carlos and Carme. 4 new additions that bring fresh breeze to the stage and the show. Highlights of the new video-creations in the video art and work of Slidemedia. New show to remain the flag of Flamenco-Chillout in Spain.

RADIOLÉ: SicomorO at the most important radiostation´s party.

This spring members of SicomorO we have shared stage with the best Spanish artists in Barcelona: We played with Vicente Castro "Parrita", Diana Navarro, Ecos del Rocío and Los Sobraos. Fantastic evening in front of 5 thousand people.

WORLD´s FAIR opening for BOB DYLAN

No doubt the three nights we were acting in the World's Fair of Zaragoza were the best nights of SicomorO. Especially because we had the honor of sharing stage with Bob Dylan and be ambassadors of Spanish music!!

"CUÉNTAME" The new sound of flamenco has been born...

The first album SicomorO is an innovation in flamenco. 7 songs elaborate during two years with the famous producer X.Pérez who invented the Flamenco Chill and in which great musicians and Spanish composers like Vicente "Parrita", A. Orozco, Sandoval (Ennio Morricone), D. Figueras , JL. La Torre, Juan Flores and many others.

Sicomoro & Gipsy Kings

SicomorO & Gipsy Kings

On the occasion of a private event in Barcelona we had the opportunity to share stage with the international group of rumbas: Gipsy Kings. For us it was an honor to be with this wonderful group who have inspired us many times. After work we had the opportunity to share some wine, a little flamenco and laughter. Beautiful friendship since then between Gipsy Kings and us.


Our music featured in soundtracks and Chill Out compilations

During CD recording film director J.Corbacho came to the recording study and listened our music and he asked us to collaborate on the soundtrack of his film TAPAS. The music of the film was the most important film prize in Spain "Goya Award" for best film music with the songs "Cuentame" and "MNSJS" The song "Sentimiento de Luna" appears on the compilation of "Chill Out Ibiza Café".

"TAPAS" soundtrack: GOYA AWARD for the Best film music!

TAPAS - Filmax Movies was the film revelation of the year in the Malaga Film Festival. J. Corbacho, one of the film directors fell in love with "Cuéntame" and "MNSJS" and we collaborate with these two songs... Even before our CD went on sale!!

Thanks to the great work of the famous actress and manager of Miami (USA) T. Woolrich we had the chance to write and record with Maia. A great artist from Colombia and very important one in the Latin Northamerican circuit. We were fortunate to collaborate on two of her songs: "Es algo más" "Por la última vez". This was the first time we worked with the union of Spanish and English and we love the result.



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